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Bruce Springsteen Atlanta 2014 Review

We got the venue at 4:30 and had our usual Bruce tailgate. Got some subs and enjoyed the shade while people were blasting Bruce in the parking lot. We lined up to get in the venue at 6:30 and got in around 6:45. We took our decent spot on the lawn and waited for the show. Nothing much more to talk about, so on to the show!

1. Clampdown - really like this cover of the Clash song. Bruce and Tom trading vocals along with some impressive guitar work
2. Adam Raised a Cain - YES! I really wanted to hear this song, one of my favorites from Darkness. I've never seen Bruce kill it on the guitar this well before. This song really shows off his guitar prowess. But after this song he said something that would make my heart stop. "I'm feeling the River tonight"
3. Ties That Bind - great way to start off a River night. Already saw it in Jersey, but I love this song so much that it sounds great no matter how many times I'll hear it.
4. Jackson Cage - YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. One of my favs from the River and it rocked live. I started to feel that this night would be very, very special .
5. She's the One - surprisingly one of the few songs from BTR. Heard it in Jersey and unlike Ties, this song didn't do it for me as much as the first time. Still rocked but wasn't as good as hearing it for the first time.
6. Independence Day - wow. what can I say about this. The band started to go off-stage and I became very confused. Bruce heads over the piano and plays the first few notes to this song and I'm floored. I couldn't believe he was playing this. Ken man-tears up for the first time at a concert, but not the only time during this show  ;)
7. High Hopes - very energenic and brought the casual fans out of their seats. My dude Everett killed it  :D
8. Just Like Fire Would - really happy that he's been bringing this back to the set. Fit very well with the River songs.
9. Tougher than the Rest - Awesome pick from the signs. Always great to hear Tunnel of Love songs and this one is my favorite!
10. Cadillac Ranch - are we about to overdose on the River?!?!?! Bruce seemed to have a lot of fun during this song as was the crowd. Not one of my favorites from the River, but still a quality song especially live.
11. Trapped - YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. Another crowd sign. Great emotions from Bruce during this song and he pulled off the vocal very well. Awesome to finally hear this song live.
12. Point Blank - dear lord can this get any better?!?!? One of the best songs off The River but I guess the crowd didn't think so. A lot of casuals left during this song.
13. Heaven's Wall - ugh. Not a huge fan of this song and didn't want to hear it but it wasn't as terrible live.
14. Seeds - meh. second time hearing it but still good live.
15. Death to My Hometown - meh again. 3rd time hearing it. Would of rather had a song from Greetings or Wild and the Innocent.
16. Wrecking Ball - third time hearing this one but I didn't mind. Really love this song and it's great live.
17. Shackled and Drawn - same with Wrecking Ball this was my 3rd time hearing it and I still enjoyed it. Very fun song with good crowd interaction. Cindy kills it yet again!
18. Ghost of Tom Joad - LET US ALL BOW DOWN TO THE ONE KNOW AS MORELLO. Hearing this on the record and hearing this live is two completely different things. The guitar solo is like nothing else I've ever seen. THIS GUY TOOK OUT HIS AMP PLUG AND PLAYED IT ON HIS HAND. WTF!?!!?!?!? SO EPIC
19. The Rising - not a fan of the song. Didn't enjoy hearing it a 3rd time.
20. Badlands - It's what Badlands is. No matter how many times you'll see this, it'll be one of the most energetic songs of the night. Great way to end the main set.

21. Drive All Night - I've seen Jungleland in Jersey, but this was different. This is the only the 14th time this has been played with the ESB since The River Tour. I honestly can't describe my emotions to this song. This was the second instance of mantearing. I had my hands on my head the whole song. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Top 5 song I've ever seen live from any artist.
22. Born to Run - How does Bruce toy with my emotions. He brings me up from the most intense moment of the show with Born To Run. Same as Badlands. No matter how many times he plays it, BTR is great ever time.
23. Ramrod - AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Perfect way to cap off the River songs. Was a bit weird without Stevie but I've been craving this song ever since I first listened to it. Easily a top 3 song from the night.
24. Dancing in the Dark - probably the best rendition of the song I've hard in my 3 songs. Awesome job with the kid putting her on his shoulders and trading off lines with her. That's how you bring a kid on stage, not to awkwardly sing "Waaiiitinggggg on a sunyyyy dayyyy"
25. Tenth - Same league as BTR and Badlands. A lot of fun and will never get old
26. Shout - Really shows off the full bands power. Great cover and surprisingly, the best crowd interaction of the night
27. Highway to Hell - really excited to hear this US debut but not sure how I feel about it ending the show. Really wish he came out for a solo Thunder Road. Oh well, cool to have an energetic ending.

Didn't take any crappy video. But I have some crappy pics for you guys!

The crowd was ok. It seems that the more expensive Bruce tickets get, the older the crowd gets. I thought the other 2 crowds I was at were old but they had nothing on this crowd  :P

It was a shorter Bruce show, only 2:45. There was also not much crowd interaction. Bruce was much more serious last night which lent to a very serious setlist, which was great because my other 2 shows were more "hits" and party. The venue wasn't great but this show barely falls behind Jersey 3 2012. Seeing the songs from the River along with Trapped, Adam and Tougher than the Rest made this the best Springsteen setlist I've seen. It probably would have been my favorite if I was closer and/or in an arena. oh well, still a great show which I ranked 6th on my concert list.  8) This better not be my last Springsteen show.

oh yea forgot to mention something

[size=99pt]NO WAITING ON A SUNNY DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![/size]

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